Thursday, August 18, 2016

Skin in the Game

Born in Atlanta:
Raised off the Dungeon Family.
Young bloods couldn't stand me.
I grew up reading Stan Lee.
Use to catch MARTA to the AUC.
Use to hop the gate at Six Flags just to get in free.
Spirit been here before,
But I'm as wild as I'll ever be.
I'm set free;
I'll agree with Heather B.
There is no light without dark,
There will never be.
Father white,
But my mama made me nigga though.
I'll be that,
And I'll see you at the backdoor.
A-town down.
Don't get the wrong impression.
This southern player operate higher than your conception.
Family Ferrari.
Family Ferrari.
They seeing where I'm going.
They trying hard to stop me.
All ya'll talm 'bout me.
You don't smoke loud, be quiet.
And stand on the side
of a G-Power ride.
Down in Bunker Hill,
Got the garden on Marine Corp.
I only grow that kill.
Prolly storm through Fallout 4.
Plants doing strange thangs-
B.O.B. in this.
Real deal Holyfield,
Colle Park my witness.
This ain't High Times business.
Movement bigger than rag mags.
Space Ghost, Coast to Coast;
I ain't got to brag.
Thorough in any borough,
Throwing bows since the 90's.
Crunk as Lil Jon,
I'm not to be taken lightly.
Ring around the Rosé,
Baby we could toast to it.
Beamer, Bentley, Rolls.
Forgive me Father, but we close to it.
Came a long way,
And today, I got options.
But I burned all bridges behind what I put stock in.
Use to call me little.
My Faith is my power.
Now I'm a monster,
Grow more scary by the hour.
No wonder the work fire;
Been through hell for a dream.
They said if Obama could be president,
Then I could do anything.

-LCP Ghost OG