Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Juggernaut, Bitch

If you ain't get it by now, it wasn't for you.

I didn't believe in aliens until this one school dance. There was no denying that round, orange globe over my school well after sundown; gone within the blink of an eye, just as it appeared.

I didn't believe there could be that much hate until I opened the front door to a black king snake at the age of eight.

I didn't believe in witchcraft until I escorted her out that night, opening the door to a walkway covered in centipedes; the tiny, brown ones. Covered. The walkway was maybe twelve feet long. Couldn't see a lick of cement. My skin was crawling as we crunched them underfoot, walking to her car. We questioned our grip on reality and I think were both just horrified, really. I looked up from the outside of her car and saw an at least four foot tall white owl in the tree directly above us. Snow white without a blemish or imperfection. It felt so evil. I had to tell her about it and that I felt she should leave. I wish it ended there.

I'm aware now, though; and I won't apologize for that.

If you wrote me off because you can't understand me, understand that I was always above your level of comprehension. If you're threatened by this one charge, this one gift, then you should get to running, because you really ain't seen nothing yet. I AM great. It's my time to shine.

Nothing and no one can stop me under The Most High God. His will be done, through me and to me.