Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The Power of Butterflies

All you have to do is remember the Spirit manifests things out of itself in the physical realm by transmuting into the thing it wishes to become. In the realm of the living, an identical process takes place. Humanity was granted a creative power, one requiring usage aligned with the intention of its design. Infinite Intelligence manifests things through thoughts; thoughts precede creation, and humanity must utilize this method of thought translation for similar manifestations.

You can attract only that which you are mentally prepared to receive and see yourself to be, without doubt. A consistent stream of conscious thought submitted to the subconscious mind will magnetize those thoughts, attracting a steady manifestation of their physical equivalent. A wavering stream of conscious thought will attract their equivalent manifestations or conditions. One must be consistent in the attitude of the mind. never fluctuating. Blessings are not released with uncertainty.

We are immersed in an aura of our own thinking, resultant of all that we have ever thought, said, and done. This aura dictates the direction of our lives, attracting what is similar, and repelling what is dissimilar. We are drawn to what we believe ourselves to be. Before we were enlightened, we allowed all thoughts to reside within our subconscious mind, but understanding the law allows us to cast away those negative illusions and embody that which we consciously desire for ourselves marinating on those desires solely, and silently being drawn towards them.

It is within our authority to do as we will with this law, drawing what we desire forth, so long as we disrobe from the old in order to dawn the new. No change is without price, and this is not a challenge for the weak, but for the strong, self-reliant soul; one who will find a result worthy of all the trouble.

Labor is not what is called for, and may be avoided. With the knowledge of one Universal Power, there is no struggle, but wisdom and knowledge, granting a calm that allows for the sight of what is true. With a consistent, unrelenting desire to think what we want to think, regardless of all false evidence to the contrary. Seek not the seen, but the unseen.

-Le Baron Rouge