Monday, January 9, 2017

40 Acres and a Mule

Fuck what they promised.
You got to take it if you want it.

You crying about not being included...
What the fuck did you do to not be left out?
Close mouth don't get fed.
Scared to make moves; well then, you don't get ahead.

Do you even know they stole your whole identity?

You the dopeman?
Go straight to jail!
Devils as the dopeman?
They give em more to sell.

Now they paying your idols so they can easily sell you lies.
Sickness, poison and death in disguise...

They want young niggas on they A-Team.
We got to get together;
We got to break things.

Please don't try to play us...

Everything that glitters ain't gold, lil nigga.

Live every day like your last day.

Stay woke, young nigga.
Keep your finger on the trigger.
Don't forget they here to kill you.

-Le Baron Rouge

Winning all day
All the way to the casket
They throwing shade, Father; no sun
I'm a bastard