Wednesday, July 18, 2018

The Golden Dawn of Understanding

Have this awareness: ALL Life is a gift bestowed by Higher Power. This statement bears Truth when no other Truth exists, & yet, ALL Truth exists through this One Universal Truth.

Being Mindful of this Truth, let us ALL operate in the awareness that if anyone Truly has Life, then that Life is but an emanation of, & therefore, derived from the Nature of the Great Divine Life of that Higher Power. It then stands to reason that each individual spark of that Divine Fire has the right to choice, & may do with their Life as they wish, & manifest in & through them self what they Will. Much like the abundant freedom which is given unto Man within the firmament, that freedom always operates within the confines of Universal Law, & never without. Man MUST operate within the Law. If one works against the Law, the resulting effect is in accordance with the cause. These Universal Laws are not ours to change, but we exist inside them; & by gaining an awareness of them & understanding their operation in our Life, & adapting to them, we subject them to our own use for the benefit of ourselves & others.

Law exists through the entirety of Nature, governing ALL things existent within the seen & unseen layers. Law, being both mental & Spiritual, is the Creation that precedes the physical & material. Universal Law is the Divine Operation. The Great Spirit of Love illuminates ALL whom seek Love diligently. The Love for Creation by Higher Power is a parental Love, unconditionally caring & constantly watchful. No matter what has emerged from Chaos, Universal Law exists to maintain the established Order; Life is always a product of Love, & no illusory cause may alter this Truth in effect.

Be Well.

-Egnatius Enigma

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