Monday, October 8, 2018

I AM Water

Resistance is hell, as it walls one off from realizing their own Glory & leaves them in a personally-created state of torment. In this state of being, Time is actively stolen by the past & the future. Man should Bless the past, & forget it (if it keeps him in bondage), & Bless the future, knowing that endless Joys await in the Angels stores, but live fully in the Now.

There is a Man who sought that which God has created for him, & who had become aware of the Universal Spiritual Law of Opulence. Through Word, act, & Faith, he was brought into the presence of one who The Creator intended to become a significant relationship in the Man's Life, although the circumstances of their meeting & subsequent interactions were strange, if not uncomfortable. The Man did not take the opportunities to explore this powerfully-drawing energy, & instead, began to internally chastise & discount it from being right for him, due to his own preconceived notions, anxiety, & fears. Others close to this situation had begun to take notice & it was not long before a bevy of individualized concerns & collective negativity had formed in consideration of the two.

Although Intuition suggested to the Man that this Woman was to be his, the Man did not accept fully the possibility of a relationship with her. He made excuses as to why she could not have conceivably been brought forth by The Creator for him. Through this resistance, he became bitter & frustrated, & his Life seemingly took a downward regression. His personal & professional undertakings seemingly were falling to shambles, & Hope had begun to elude him. As the days accrued, he became convinced that everything he had ever known was a lie, & that his own existence was for naught. His Mindset had not changed from the Time he accepted these illusory fabrications into his fertile Subconscious, & the Desire for an end to all his suffering had emerged. He did not cull this seed of Desire, accepted through the barrier of the Conscious Mind, but cultivated it until a near-death experience had been had. He immediately understood that he brought about the occurrence, & became extremely bitter that it had not brought about his death.

Some days after what could have been fatal, an Angel of the Lord came upon the Man, & encouraged him to remember that he had nearly died many Times, but never perished because of his Great purpose, personal Power, & deep connection to his Mother Goddess, Father God, & Brother Christ, whom he had forsaken, but had not forsaken him.

He remembered that to testify to his Source, he must first feel that he had received. The Man understood that he was resisting the situation, seeing two conflicting Powers, instead of One Harmonious Power, so he Blessed the Woman, & all others involved, & baptized the situation as Glorious Success. He affirmed, "As there is only One True Power, Love, this Woman is here for my Joyous Glory & Magnificent Prosperity."

Shortly thereafter, the two came together as one, & supported each other in much success, full of Love, Joy, & Abundance, & all perceivable opposition & outward resistance harmoniously faded away from their senses.

So long as a Man resists a situation, he will have it with him. If he runs away from it, it will run to him. Man's work is forever with his Self.

In the Bible story, Eve, & subsequently Adam, partook of the fruit of the Tree of Life & death, & became encumbered with the veil of a dark deception where there had previously only existed a Loving Light. They had accepted the idea of two conflicting Powers instead of the One Living Truth. Where there had been Peace & harmony, there was now anxiety & despair. The lost books state that Adam died & was brought back to Life many Times after being cast out of Eden, & much suffering was reaped by the couple, not through a vengeful God, but through children disobedient to Universal Spiritual Law that they had been made aware of.

Is it a sin, if ignorant? Is it only a sin in awareness? An awareness is an understanding, after all, & understanding is Knowledge. Knowledge, when applied, is Power. Therefore, to be aware & act has a Great deal of repercussion tied to the outcome in comparison to an undertaking of ignorance.

A feeling of Opulence must precede its manifestation.

I don't just want the house. I know it, or its Divine equivalent to be my property, & I fully expect to receive & occupy it, & prepare for it in every Way, as I already possess it, because Spiritually, I do.

I don't just want the position. I know it, or its Divine equivalent belongs to me, & I fully expect to embrace & own it, & prepare for it in every Way, as I AM already responsible for it, because Spiritually, I AM.

Divine Will be done this Glorious day, being a period of completion which I give thanks for, as Miracles shall follow Miracles, & Wonders shall never cease.

Look with Wonder at that which is before you.

Peace be with you.

-Egnatius Enigma