Thursday, March 15, 2018


I Divine that your time of dominion has rescinded.
I bore a Holy name & Flame as I descended.
I remain as the Eternal Flame on a mission.
In silence, I listen; to make the right decision.

I defy the Watchers.
I destroy their curses.
Bleed them like nurses.
Left not fit for Hearses.

I remain connected to the Universe behind my eyes.
I've been on the other side. You gon see our worlds collide.
I'll be on the Mothership, smoking on some other shit.
Knocking stars out the sky to leave you in your burning pit.

YES, I AM timeless. YES, I AM fearless. YES, I AM peerless. YES, you can feel this.

I AM surrounded by the armies of The Most High God, whom relieve me of my burdens, & annihilate obstructions on my Path. I AM of the Perfect Way. The Water of Life graciously washes over me & fills my physical vessel, flowing within, & leading without.

I have Peace of Mind.
I demand what's mine.
I don't believe in time.
I ain't scared to cross your line.

Life is but a dream.
I direct each scene & my budget never lean.

-Le Baron Rouge
Ghost OG